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April Vibes 2023

Keep the good vibes goin, growin’, and flowin’!


On March 22nd, our Inter Vibes class was treated to the most incredible class led by guest teacher MJ Gurantes. MJ, thank you so much for bringing the best vibes! We have big plans for more exciting guest teachers this year! Connect with us on social media to keep up-to-date!

Check Out Our Blog

New to VibeTribeYYC for 2023, we started a blog! Here you’ll be able to find our newsletter information as well as a new post about all things vibey every month! We’re very excited to create a platform to showcase VibeTribeYYC’s story, things about the VibeTribe fam, new and exciting initiatives as they come down through the pipeline and highlight some of the outstanding work our friends in the YYC dance community are doing!

Patreon Continues

VibeTribeYYC Patreon is an online dance and exercise training library! Take classes in your own space, and on your own time. Our online programs are affordable, and allow you to build skills and have fun whenever you choose. Feel free to pause and replay the classes as many times as you need!

To sign up as a patron, click

Wednesdays at Evergreen Community Spaces:

-Adult Intermediate Hip Hop Choreography classes from 6:30-7:30pm

(Drop-Ins and Class Passes available)

Class information and booking/class passes:

Sundays Online (FREE Class):

-Sweat and Stretch classes LIVE on

-Make sure to create an account on the website and have a YouTube account as well.

-Classes are LIVE at 11am Bi-weekly!

For info about this class, or how to sign up/join, email:

ALSO: We had an incredible time filming VibeTribeYYC’s NextGen Dance Film Festival submission! Stay tuned for more information on festival dates for Calgary and Edmonton!

Follow our socials so you don’t miss a thing!

@vibetribeyyc on Instagram and Facebook

As well, check out our merch store online at:

Stay Vibey,

Sean Butler


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