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PERFormance crews


Maybe you’re looking for a new hobby? Or a new community? Maybe you’re a grown-up studio kid looking to rekindle your love for dance?

The door is open and the energy is ready for sharing! Our only prerequisite is that you’ve got GOOD VIBES!

Our adult performance crew sessions involve training classes as well as choreography rehearsals to prepare for performances. 

Come take a drop-in class to see if you would like to pursue this commitment.

Next Sessions information: 

Jan 11 - Mar 15 2023

Wednesdays @ Evergreen 6:30-8:30pm

Performance/Music Video at end of session

$375 for: 10 training classes, 10 rehearsals, and registration fee

Register by Jan 4 2023 to secure your spot.

Keep your eyes peeled for our latest Crew video!

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