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Looking for a Hip Hop Teacher or Choreographer?

VibeTribeYYC Director and Founder Sean Butler

Hip Hop Dance
Classes, Workshops, Events

For studios, dance and school programs, or individuals/businesses looking to hire a Hip Hop dance teacher for a single class, weekly classes, workshops, special events, or other training options.

Learn how to learn! VibeTribeYYC teaches dancers to develop a growth mentality, build skills, connect with music, and express positive vibes throughout their training.

A VibeTribeYYC Hip Hop dance class led by Sean Butler

Summer, Dance Video Camps

VibeTribeYYC provides training for camps, whether they are seasonal, ad hoc, or a Music Video Camp.

VibeTribeYYC Music Video Camps are a great way to have dancers experience the process of creating a professional dance music video. They will learn material, practice, rehearse, and film on location within the week. For past music videos check out VibeTribeYYC's YouTube.

Image of Hip Hop dance performance by Sean Butler

Competition, Performance, and Special Event

If you are an individual, studio, crew, group or dance program looking to compete, showcase a piece, or perform at an event and need something choreographed, then this is for you! 

This also includes artists looking for choreography for back-up dancers and music videos.

Dramatic DJ

Music & Video Editing

For those looking to have music edited for a performance, event, recital, show, competition, etc.


For those in need of someone who will either record and/or edit video together for all kinds of projects.

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