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10 Second testimonials - Apr 2023

10 Second Testimonials

Messages of encouragement and growth from VibeTribeYYC dancers: Amy, Yuri, and Jerwin.

How does VibeTribeYYC make you feel?

Amy: "VibeTribeYYC makes me feel like I've found my home. The acceptance and the welcoming atmosphere fostered by the people of VibeTribe inspire me every single day to not only be a better dancer, but also a better person."

What are your 3 favourite things about VibeTribeYYC?

Yuri: "My three favourite things about VibeTribeYYC are: I like the music, everyone is friendly and has cheerful vibes, and VibeTribeYYC inspires me to keep going!"

How have VibeTribeYYC classes affected you personally?

Jerwin: "VibeTribeYYC classes have definitely helped with my confidence, and improved my overall dancing from all of the amazing choreography I've learned. Not only that, but I was also able to meet some amazing people and make new friends in such a fun environment."

Thank you to the dancers who shared their stories about VibeTribeYYC! Check out to sign up for classes, get connected with our community, and get vibin' today.